The Tricontinental Solidarity Poster

decoFor the first time, all known OSPAAAL posters have been documented in this book. All posters are reproduced in four colours. The poster artists as well as the years of origin of the individual poster works have been researched. The book was awarded a prize in the Most Beautiful Swiss Books competition in 2003.

Doppelseite OSPAAAL-Buch

Here you can flip through some pages of the book

The separate print for the book

decoThe book of OSPAAAL posters comes with a 12-page separate print. In it, the posters that were not yet known in 2003 – at the time of the printing of the book – or that have been added since then, are reproduced. Thus, all OSPAAAL posters known to date should be pictorially recorded in Richard Frick’s work.


Partial view